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Services We Offer: European Style Wall Switch,Socket,Plug,Extension Socket,Circuit Breaker,Lamp Holder,Adaptor and so on.
Inquiry E-mail: ouchi.queena@gmail.com
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Wenzhou Ouchi Electrical Co., Ltd is located at Wenzhou, China. It is specialized in manufacturing electrical appliance, such as wall switch, socket, plug, extension socket, energy saving lamp, circuit breaker, lamp holder, adaptor, ventilating fan, terminal blocks, test pen, hand dryer and so on.

Our company obtains ISO9001certificate, and the electrical items hold CE certificate and ROHS.We can develop new items according to buyer's requirement.OEM orders are welcome.

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<img src='uploads/SR-1801.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
SR-1801 Surface Mounted One Way Switch IIIuminated
<img src='uploads/SR-1802(1).jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
SR-1802 Surface Mounted two Way Switch IIIuminated
<img src='uploads/90d55319-7963-4ff3-9a86-f85403bd82d1.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
SR-1801 Surface Mounted One Way Switch IIIuminated
<img src='uploads/3e15cde3-088b-4c49-8c20-f6155f05936d.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
SR-2504 Two Way Switch
<img src='uploads/82b4e63f-db73-4e5d-a23c-457d61ecc218.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
SR-2503 One Way Switch
<img src='uploads/9a9cbd6a-fc0e-4d1e-a59d-966fcacea1df.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
SR-2502 Two Way Switch IIIuminated
<img src='uploads/f1416101-b33a-45e6-9d46-0d1633e8d27c.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
SR-2501 One Way Switch IIIuminated
<img src='uploads/SR-74305.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
SR-74305 Test pen
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